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QB's I think we should consider:

Tyler Wilson 6-3 220
Projected 1st rd

Matt Barkley 6-2 230
Projected 1st rd

Mike Glennon 6-6 232
Projected 2nd rd

E.J Manuel 6-5 234
Projected 3rd rd

Zac Dysert 6-4 228
Projected 3rd rd

You will notice everyone here is over 6-2 220 lbs. They also all have over a 60% completion percentage. I am tired of getting ball swatted down every series. We need somebody who can see the field and is durable. I did not include Geno Smith or Tyler Bray due to character issues. I would be happy with any one of these 5 as our QB.
Our 1st and 2nd picks!!