Let's take one isolated incident of Geno throwing up a gang sign to a crowd that heckled him the whole game to conclude that he is a supporter of "drugs, gang violence, and murder." Great analysis, folks.

Can you guys provide me w/ any run-ins with the law he's had? Failed drug tests? Proof that he is even in a gang? I used to throw up gang signs b/c I thought it was cool to do. Was I in a gang? Not even close.

Most importantly, the only people bringing this up are people on this board (who don't want him). A google search for this turns up very few results (one is a fan's account at what happened, saying that the Texas fans were just brutal towards him). Nobody cares about this except for the people who want to overreact and attack him rather than his play on the field.

The Big 12 is weak? What about Geno's stats in 2011 (rivaled RG3's in terms of passing). Any way you swing it, he's got the highest ceiling of any QB in this draft based on the physical tools he has. Arm strength, accuracy, pocket presence...Andy Reid would do great things with him.