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That's right. The Skins think Cousins is too valuable, and they are right.

The Senior Bowl is going to be interesting. I'm hoping that Tyler Wilson and Mike Glennon turn in stellar performance there and at the combine. The more quality QB prospects that rocket up the draft board, the better.
Yes with the top two QB prospects (Geno and Barkley) bypassing the senior bowl that leaves the door open for the next inline prospects to move up to 1 and 2.

I just want us to get some QBs this off season. Does anyone know of any good QB in next years draft just in case we do not get a QBOTF this year? Even if we take Geno and another QB in this draft they may prove to be no better than Stanzi. I really don't follow which college QB is in what class. The only one I know is Johnny Football is a Freshman and right now I do not know how good of an NFL QB he will be in the bowl game he had almost as many rushing as passing yards 229 and 287. I don't think he can declare next year don't you have to be a Junior?