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Clark Hunt, the chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, told 610 Sports Radio that he didn't think there was a clear standout at the quarterback position coming out of college this year.

Certainly a candidate may emerge between now and the NFL Draft, but given the lack of excitement from Hunt towards players like Geno Smith of West Virginia, it seems unlikely that the team will look to use their No. 1 overall selection to fill that clear need.

A trade to drop down to the middle of the first round, where drafting Smith makes more sense, could be more likely than maneuvering into a deal for Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman, as Hunt declared that his preference would be to fill any holes in personnel via the draft.

-AJ Mass

... and smart Chiefs fans breath a SLIGHT collective sigh of relief.

Geno Smith in the middle or late in the first is ok... #1 overall?? Not unless you want to continue pissing away draft value.
This will fall on blind eyes as they do not care. They will complain about Tyson Jackson as a reach but because we need a QB say doesn't matter where the value is you take the QB.