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We have the best pick in the whole draft. When that happens you have to get it right. You have to do your homework.
This is the crux of the whole situation. When we're picking in the top 5, (ESPECIALLY #1) we have to make sure we're taking THE GUY who will present the greatest upside for the longest period of time. We hear people say all the time that "drafting to fill a hole can get you in trouble." THIS is the scenario of which they speak. When you have to go down a list of at least 15 players to find the next player who fills your positional need, that's when there becomes a very serious issue.

Again, when Derrick Thomas is on the board, you don't pass on him to take Matt Flynn because Flynn "fills a hole." I don't care WHO you have at OLB, when there's THAT big of a talent difference between the perceived BPA and the best QBA, you don't take the QB!