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If we did have Luck in this draft then I could see why you would want to talk about him, but the fact is he is not available and will not be an option therefore talking about him and comparing makes no sense what so ever.

Bottom line is we need a QB and the best chance we have in getting a good one is though the draft. Some here think that Alex Smith is the answer, I personally dont think so. But of coarse we take a chance no matter who we get. Teams who draft there own qb do win more super bowls. I would rather get the same player later in the first round as well, but we are drafting first unless we work out a trade. The top 4 qb's will be gone by our 2nd round. And we need three. It would really suck if we lost out on all the top 4 qbs.

With 6 probowlers it obvious we have lots of talent. we just need a good qb.
I mention Andrew Luck because he is the most recent example of the what the gold standard of QBs drafted #1 overall should be. Fans like you seem to think that just because a QB is rated at the top of his position coming out of college that it means that player should be taken #1 overall... regardless of his rank relative to the rest of the players in the draft. This mindset is the equivalent to being willing to pay gold prices for silver... it doesn't make sense. As I mentioned above, the concept of "supply and demand" does not apply if there is no supply. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if there is no food, there is no food. You're not going to spend $50 on a cup of water because that's what you'd pay for a plate of food, would you? Same thing applies to the 2013 QB market. There isn't a franchise QB to be acquired in the draft, free agency, or via trade so why pay the steak premium if you're only going to get ground beef? The draft value of the #1 pick can be better utilized by taking THE BEST PLAYER or filling other holes on this team than spending just to spend. That's what we did with Tyson Jackson and that's why, even though he's a productive player, people still label him as a "bust." He's not a bust... he's producing at the level he should have been drafted. It was poor draft strategy that buried him under lofty expectations that he is unable to attain. That's not the player's fault. If he was drafted in the 2nd round, I think everyone would be happy with that pick. The same thing applies to Geno Smith. His ceiling is the production of a 2nd round QB... not the franchise saviour his advocates HOPE he could be.

You act like the simple act of drafting a QB is the key to getting this team to the Super Bowl. There's a variable that you fail to include in your statement about Super Bowl teams drafting their own QBs... and that's the actual player being drafted. If you're talking about the Mannings, then yeah... your argument would hold water. However, there isn't a Manning QB to be taken in this draft. I know you can't possibly be including 5th round pick Tom Brady in your example because that was a fluke.

Since '99 there have been 30 Super Bowl QB appearances. 12/30 were by QBs who were NOT drafted by the teams they went to the Super Bowl with. The other 18 appearances were shared between John Elway, Steve McNair, Tom Brady, Donovan McNabb, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Aaron Rogers, and Ben Roethlisberger. Even if you stretch a Geno Smith comparison to the max, he just might compare to McNair or McNabb who each only made one Super Bowl appearance and then lost. He definitely doesn't compare to any of the other names on that list... all of whom were drafted in the first round and only Elway, the Mannings, the McNabb were taken #1 overall. Please compare Geno Smith to John Elway and the Manning brothers to justify him at #1 overall.

I'll tell you who he does compare more favorably with: David Carr, JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Matt Leinart, and Rex Grossman. All these guys had some kind of questionable character issues or off the field drama before the draft. The way Geno talks about himself, he sure reminds me a LOT of Ryan Leaf. And those were just the 1st round busts... that's not including all the countless BIG 12 QBs taken in the draft after posting gaudy passing numbers in a spread offense or some other gimmick offense like Colt McCoy, Seneca Wallace, Michael Bishop, Josh Freeman, Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert, Graham Harrell, Kliff Kingsbury, Taylor Potts, Vince Young, Chris Simss, Reggie McNeal, Jerrod Johnson, Tommie Frazier, Eric Crouch, or even Sam Bradford. Hell, even take a look at RGIII. He couldn't last an entire season because of his style of play. Think he'll be as effective if upper management tells him to stay in the pocket and eat a sack every now and then? They're so worried about RGIII as their primary QB that they won't even entertain the idea of trading Cousins.

The BIG 12 IS NOT where a team should go to find their franchise QB. The successes coming out of that conference over the last 30 years are few and far between... in fact, they're non-existent. If Sam Bradford or RGIII couldn't break the streak of poor QB play from the BIG 12, what makes you think Geno Smith is capable?

Bottom line, drafting Geno Smith (or any available QB) #1 overall would be the equivalent of sh!tting away an entire draft's worth of draft picks on blind, illogical hope that the first 6 games of his 2012 season with dominant WRs against weak opponents is the REAL Geno Smith instead of the guy who lost 6 of his last 8 games (with his victories only coming against KU and Iowa St) and who was too afraid to go to the senior bowl... also hoping that Geno Smith will somehow be the first BIG 12 QB who can be COUNTED ON to shoulder the responsibility of being a successful franchise QB. This team would be hoping that the culture in the Virginia area which has produced the PacMan Jones' and Mike Vicks of the world has had no effect on his personality, that the gang signs and enormous self confidence mean nothing. You'd be hoping that the poor decision making that led to a pair of safeties in the Pinstripe Bowl were nothing more than a coincidence and the scouting reports of him not being efficient at progressions are dead wrong considering the offense he'd have to run here. As the Chiefs GM who is taking Geno Smith #1 overall, you would have to have seen more from Geno Smith than you saw from ANY of the past QBs taken AFTER the #1 overall pick to justify his selection at #1 overall.

Geno Smith is THAT guy? Really?