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I agree, 2-13 is as low as it gets. But think back to when CP left. This team was also 2-14, and many of this team's studs "sucked." Hali, DJ, Carr, Albert, Charles, and Dorsey. NONE of them were considered an impact player at the time.

I look at Arenas and see a guy who has made some big strides as a cover CB since being thrust in there after Routt was cut. I mean, Carr was once considered by every single Chiefs fan a liability who needed to be replaced. I think it's very unfair to start reaching crazy assumptions about Pioli's draft picks. In my eyes, they are young guys that haven't reached their peak yet (like the 6 guys I labeled in the first paragraph).

And honestly as far as QB goes, there wasn't a single 1st rd QB we could have had in the last 4 years based on the picks KC had. Sanchez? Tebow? Locker? You could argue Russell Wilson, but 70 some other picks went before Wilson. He had a lot of question marks.

So what you are saying is this:

Scott Pioli needs more time.

Yeah, it isn't Scott Pioli's job to address the qb position. Please, get out of here, and to make matters worse he traded for a terrible qb and spent 4 offseasons trying to prop cassel up and sell him as a viable starter.

There were options at qb, off the top of my head:

Josh Freeman, Andy Dalton, Russel Wilson, Kyle Orton, could even throw in Cousins. All are much better options than Cassel.