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I'm not as down with Pioli for the talent he has brought then the coaching he has brought.

Bad coaching hurts players. And that's even more when those players are young.

Tyson Jackson is a example of this. I saw him start playing MUCH better shortly after Romeo fired himself as DC. He got a sack in 3 stright games. Where did that come from? Maybe Gibbs found something that Romeo didn't to bring that out of him

So much talk about the QBs this year. I say that's anther case of the coaching. Even Matt Cassel has played better then what he did this season. I no some want to try to make excuses for that but IT HAPPENED. He was hurt by this horrid coaching staff as well. Do I want him back as the QB no but Romeo is more to blame for 2-13 then anyone else. ANd Pioli is the one that gave Romeo the job. That's why I'm down on Pioli. He has brought far more talent then there was 4 years ago he just hasn't done the other half of his job and got the coach for that talent. Haley was an ok coach not good. Romeo is a bad head coach the game has past him by. That's why Pioli should be worried for his job. Half the job isn't going to get it done.
This is pretty much how I feel. Pioli whiffed twice on hiring the right coach. He needs one more chance to get it right. You can't just keep chasing off General Managers. His other big mistake has been the handling of the QB position. I think Pioli would freely admit that. I think you will see at least 2 fresh faces at QB on this roster next summer and a new starter.

Getting back to the topic, Dwayne Bowe is a Pro-Bowl caliber player that didn't have a Pro-Bowl year. That makes 9 legitimate players that have Pro-bowl talent. We have talent, but we need COACHING!