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Thread: Pinstripe Bowl: WVU v Syracuse

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    No they dont draft Geno end of discussion. Chiefs play outdoors , weather can get just as bad. Buffalo , new england , Jets , pittsburgh , cleveland , cincinnati , denver all AFC outdoor sites. NFC has chicago , green bay , ny again ,philly , seattle gets alot of rain. If anything today it showed he's not good in those conditions.
    Alot of his throws today were off , high , low, behind on open recievers. Saw alot of them jump or reach back at least a little on too many throws. I know every qb has those passes in games but too many were, for the amount his recievers were open in this game.
    Also when it comes down to sacks Nassib would be much better in that turnover department , not that its a good one. At least he hangs onto the ball. Nassib got plastered twice i saw and kept it.
    Smith lost the ball twice and fell over for a second safety in which the pass would have been intentional grounding anyway on the field of play in college and either way in the pros , just take the sack. He just is not good under pressure at all. Seen it all season , his recievers have bailed him out alot.
    As for the deep pass for their 2nd td, it was a pretty ball but it was just a lob pass , thats all it was.
    I'm not completely against geno , just no way w/ the first pick. Even w/ the salary cap.
    As far as i'm concerned based off this game both him and Nassib are pretty much equal. Give Nassib the skill players Geno had and i bet that game would have been worse.
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