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Thread: Pinstripe Bowl: WVU v Syracuse

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    Default Pinstripe Bowl: WVU v Syracuse

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    December 29th, 3:15 p.m. ET

    Last game of the season for Geno Smith, and our last chance to see him play as a Mountaineer before the Draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Three7s View Post
    It's not going to be better next year.

    That's exactly right. You are not going to have those "tilt the field" type QB prospects like Luck and RG III coming out every year.

    It's just not something they can afford to wait on. They have to address the QB issue THIS off-season. Delaying it, does no good whatsoever.

    A quality QB has to come from somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissingTBone View Post
    At this point I'd almost rather use our picks for other areas of need, and draft our qbotf next year when hopefully the qb class is better. Pick up a veteran (maybe Hasselbeck) and a second stringer to get through 2013. At this point I'm not sold on any of the qbs coming out. But then again I'm no expert, or scout.
    And ouch, did you HAVE to bring up Blackledge??

    Andy Reid will find someone this year in the draft, first pick or not. Have faith.

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    So next years draft is already spelled out? Who's gonna be the top qb coming out next year? Whats his record gonna be?? Do we desperately need a qb? Yes but we shouldn't act years draft will have 5 guys that are basically even with no real stand out? If you have all that info you prob wanna buy a lottery ticket. We DO need help in other areas. It's not like we're gonna be contending for even division title next year. We're at least a couple years away from getting over the Pioli era. Bpa with our first unless we can trade out makes most sense to me.
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