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And I agree that a QB will make the biggest impact but that impact isn't always good. If we had a stout D ok that's different We MUST take a QB. But we don't have a stout D or anything. We can't limit ourselfs to a QB.

The thing I said about Teo is that we should LOOK AT HIm. I never once said we need to draft him. I said give him a look work him out do all that stuff and then if AND ONLY IF he CLEARLY stands out above all the qbs we look at then take him. There's a condition to takeing him. I've never once said we need to take him just we can't ignore him you are the one that twist it to me saying that we should take him.

Only a few times have you talked about anything other then QB and Pioli. When I bring up the poor d the fact that the WR had the ball hit him in the hands and it still ended up in the defenders hands you label me as an "excuse maker" ECT. Qb is our biggest problem but that doesn't mean it's makeing excuses to talk about the other problems when they happen. That's the problem I have with the talk here anything other then how bad our qbs is just labeled as "Excuse making" "lovefest" ECT. And when the same standards are used on Geno Smith all of a sudden you want to talk about the horrible defenseive play. The problem with your look on the QB situation is your double standard. I've been saying all year you can't have it both ways.

I agree with you. Some are solid on the qb or bust trak.

Recievers droppin balls when current qbs do hit them in the hands way too often. We only have one good Te and he gets hurt alot.

I want to get the qb too , but not at number one if they do not grade out in the top 5-6 , and i do not want Geno w/ a first round period.

This defense is definately missin a few pieces too. They need a taller CB(donkeys proved that often today) , a bruisin run stopper at MLB , and i hate to say it cause the D-line is pretty young but they need help there too.