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Thread: KMBZ reports Crennel has been fired

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    Default KMBZ reports Crennel has been fired

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    This leads me to believe the Pioli is still in charge of things. Other Wise he would have been fired first, and thent he Coaches would follow later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whackojacko58 View Post
    Clark gi get cowher then kicked pioli to the curb

    +1. I dont want to look at Javier Arenas and Jalil Brown get torched for big plays or watch our incapable offense throw 3 yard crossing routes to Wylie and Newsome. The offense just makes me sick.

    Enough is enough, my god. What is it going to take for Clark to wake up.

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    JUst read on that Piolis job not guaranteed but Clark leaning towards keeping him. And once again they bring up Ferentz. Seriously?? That's prob a worse selection than RC IMO. A few more years as cellar dwellers? If Puoli is allowed to stay and picks Ferentz as his 3rd coach somebody needs to slap Clark. Lamar must be rolling over in his grave right now!!
    Doing my best to keep my sons memory alive!!!

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