here is something that save our chiefs owner reported

Save Our Chiefs

We got some deep cover stuff to release now. This hits Facebook first so those on Twitter, click the link to read.

This is a note from one of the ace reporters with SOC and a long time friend.

Latest email I got is that Clark isn't ****ing around, which is obvious from interviews. I've been out most of the day, but the email came in before Clark went on the air.

The directive is no one from the football operations side is to speak until their final notice has been given either with a termination or a return.

Clark is trying to force Pioli's hand and have him quit. Clark had a heated discussion with Scott this morning according to this email. Clark told him he won't have any say in this head coach because "this head coach will be here longer than you will".

Then there's this piece of info. Clark talked with Peyton Manning at length Sunday night. He wanted to know why the Chiefs weren't considered and everything Peyton said pointed the finger squarely on Pioli. Said Pioli's rep across the league is terrible. His inability to foster a "team" environment instead of one ruled like a dictator was huge too.

This really pissed Clark off. I said in a previous post that the loss could have triggered all of this, but it's apparent the PM discussion could have as well.

I'm completely shocked to say the least. Everything, and I mean everything, I've been told paints Clark as someone with a school boy crush on Pioli.

Clark wants to make a splash. He also wants to save the money from just firing Pioli. With all the lawsuits that former employees have pending against the Chiefs that list Pioli, Clark may have a case to fire him with definite cause.

Source said that Clark changed overnight toward Pioli.

Take it for what it's worth.