With the first overall pick, the Chiefs select..... Jarvis Jones, beast of the LB out of Georgia.

Trade our 2nd rd pick to Washington for Kirk Cousins.

I know we need a QB, and drafting Geno or any other QB this year with the first overall pick would be a big mistake. If we offered our #34 overall, that's more than anyone else other than the Jags #33, without giving up a 1st rd pick for him (which I think is too high). Since the Redskins gave up 3 draft picks for RGIII, they should be looking to stock-up on a few picks, and our 2nd should be more than enough.

I say next year I think the Chiefs should go back to running a 4-3. We have been doing this 3-4 stuff for a few years, and our defense has always at the bottom of the league. We could drop Tamba down to DE, and have Houston, Johnson, (Jarvis Jones) as our 3 LB's. We'd still need a DT to accompany Poe.

I know it's way too early to do a real mock draft, but I've been a Chiefs fan all my life (26) and I'm tired of seeing losing season after losing season, and always saying "There's always next year".

Any thoughts?!