The two possible GM candidates mentioned by ESPN are Tom Heckert and John Dorsey.
Heckert has been connected to Reid dating back to their time together in Philadelphia. Heckert was most recently the Browns GM, where he was fired on Monday.
The Cleveland Plain-Dealer and have both reported that Reid plans to bring Heckert with him to his next job, but the ESPN report states that Reid did not "demand" that to the Chiefs.
Dorsey is the Packers director of operations and his name has come up in various GM jobs around the league.
Here's what the ESPN report said about those two:
The same sources insist Reid did not demand that former Browns GM Tom Heckert had to be a package deal as the team's future general manager because he still wants to gauge whether John Dorsey, the Packers director of operations, would consider the position of GM, the sources added.