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Thread: Reid - A take from the enemy

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    I am not fond of hiring tired old retreads for HC's. But in this case, this could be great situation for Reid. A Midwest venue away from the East coast media hounds may be what the doctor ordered. He and his family have gone through alot in Philadelphia and most likely worn him down. If KC can get the right guy at QB, KC will be formidable in 2-3 years. I would wish you guys good luck, but I would be lying.
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    Best tradition:... I have to go with the Oakland Raiders. How can that be disputed? ...Everyone equates the colors Silver and Black with the Raiders. There’s Al Davis, who has been with the franchise for 48 years. There are all the great Hall of Fame players,...There’s the three Super Bowl titles. You think of the AFC West, and you think of the Raiders.
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