I know I will be crucified for bringing this up but is it too crazy to give Cassel one more chance? I won't argue that he has many flaws, but ... Did he truly get a chance to thrive? This past season has so many negatives that I don't think any QB would've thrived in this coaching carousel,daboll offense,inconsistent O line,change at center, etc... I'm not saying name him the starter but really give him a chance with a QB friendly head coach. I definitley would bring in fa's and draft a QB for competition and possibly our new franchise QB but I not sure we should just run him out of town yet. I think the circus act we've had for the past 4 years is why many QB's and coaches past us up! Nobody wants to build on a chaotic program with such a tyrant as the gm. Now that we might have one of the greatest football minds in place, we might have a real chance to evaluate our QB talent. I must admit tho, I feel hypocritical making a case for cassel since it was pioli's choice to bring him in. Lol!