Matt Cassel was under a lot of pressure last season, he had to look over his shoulder, cause RAC 1st round pick needed another shot in the NFL. (Brady Quinn). Matts WRs could not handle the ball. O-line looked sketchey, and coaching was a mess. Plus he had yet another OC.
I'm very undecided if I would like to see what he can do at the QB position this coming season.
But Andy Reid is known for his ability to help the QB, and Matt Cassel seems like he's a good fit for Reids system. Plus I can't help but notice the stats KC CHIEFS put up in the begining of the season. They were neck in neck with a lot of teams in Yards per game. and many other stats, I believe the turnovers lost us the majority of games.

I trust in Reids decision on who will start at QB. The man has a lot of talent to work with, and he gets the pick of the litter in every round of the 2013 draft.