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One more thing, about the last two years. Reid had a couple of bad drafts in between the glory years and the most recent draft. This is a big reason why they were bad the last two seasons. However, owner Jeff Lurie hinted in his news conference where he released coach Reid, that former head of operations Joe Banner had a lot to do with picking the players in those drafts and that in the most recent draft Reid and new GM Roseman picked the players. As bad as the Eagles were this last season, their rookie class was the best of any I've ever seen all my years following the Eagles, and I go back to the Dick Vermeil era in the late 70s. This was a monster rookie class. Whatever he did to address how he drafts players, it worked. But several other poor drafts prior to that, that Banner supposedly had more to do with, resulted in not having enough guys in their prime.
Love your input! Welcome to the crowd!

Question? How are the Philly fans (I only know what I read, and it's never good lol). But I'm sure the few bad ones make everyone else look bad. I only ask b/c KC plays in Philly next year and I'd love to make it out there for the game.