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You need to tell a player he needs to put pressure on the qb?
Yes. Especially if his primary job is gap control and stopping the run.

Why is this so hard to understand? Y'all are all acting like a Dlineman's job is ONLY to get to the QB and THAT'S it. Let's pretend that IS their job. You've got 2 OLBs and 3 Dlinemen rushing to get to the QB. The offense decides to run a draw or screen. Now, they have a shifty RB either one on one at the 2nd level or they're in wide open space at the third level. By then, it's at least a 20 yard gain... EVERY TIME! Put Dexter McCluster one on one in the open field against the best LB in the league (insert name here) and McCluster wins EVERY time.

It would be an OCs dream to play against a defense that constantly rushed 5 players. Are you kidding me? The Chiefs usually rushed 3 guys and used the DLinemen to control the LOS. Y'all, this is football 101. Tyson Jackson wasn't drafted to be JJ Watt. Dorsey, WAS drafted to be Warren Sapp, but again, this is why I was saying a Pioli hire was bad from the beginning. This defense was built to run a 4-3. Dorsey is out of position in the 3-4 and if he ever gets to play for a 4-3 defense, you'll see what he's capable of. Tyson Jackson should've been a late first round pick. He was never valued to be a top 5 pick. But, Pioli didn't give a rat's *** about value in the draft... and this team shows it.