bdempsey...sorry about the use of the word ignorant...I could've made my point without attacking you personally, and as the old-timers around here can attest, that isn't how I would normally approach it.

That being said, yeah, lets agree to disagree. My bias will show through on a top 5 list, as not only do I still keep Montana on top, I have a hard time dropping Young below #4...yeah I know most put him somewhere 7-10.

Would be fun to have threads where we debated top 10 all time at various positions...since we started QB here, I'll try to sort mine (since I didn't earlier)...

1) Montana
2) Brady
3) J Unitas
4) Steve Young
5) P Manning
6) Dan Marino
7) Bart Starr
8) Brett Favre (INT anyone?)
9) Fran Tarkenton
10) Kurt Warner