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They keep wanting to tell us how dumb we are. In the last 12 years four qbs drafted in the top 5 have had success out of like 20 qbs taken The manning brothers, Phil rivers, and Matt Ryan. But hey we need a qb....damn the odds! We can all agree Geno is not rg3, luck, Peyton or Eli who were all sure fire number ones.

Thankfully we have management now that sees the importance of BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE!
I was so glad to here the things i have heard from Reid. This we have to draft a QB talk is so short sighted. I have and will say it again drafting a bad qb will set us back farther then not drafting a QB at all.
From Andy Reid when asked about taking a QB at 1
"you can't force it that's when you get in trouble"

And then to here Dorsey say he will take the best player on there board was just like music to my ears. We need a qb bad. But getting the wrong Qb will be worse then sticking with Cassel since you have to give that QB time. I just want to get the RIGHT Qb I don't care who it is and where he comes from