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Thread: Nick Foles/Chip Kelly

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    Quote Originally Posted by N TX Dave View Post
    I would be for it knowing that they would take Geno and stop the Raiders from getting him.
    Agreed. And Foles is further ahead of the learning curve with Andy Reid than any QB they could draft.

    Quote Originally Posted by FranciscoD'anconia View Post
    I would do it in a heartbeat. I would probably take a QB with the 2nd round pick for depth. I wouldn't take Geno, or any QB at 4. IMO, Foles is better than any QB in this draft. I know it sounds ridiculous because he was a 3rd round pick, but A) it was a much better draft and a much better QB draft and B) he slipped and should never have gotten drafted that low.
    I'm not sure I'd go QB with the 2nd rounder IF this scenario played out because there are going to be a group of talented WR's probably available at #34 & the Chiefs really need a playmaker there. I'd be more inclined to wait till Round 3.

    Quote Originally Posted by texaschief View Post
    I'd do that trade in a heart beat. I was thinking the exact same thing earlier today.

    Foles would be the first QB off the board if he came out this year instead of last year. I don't know if he'd be worth the #1 pick, but DEFINITELY worth a 2nd round pick (which is what the Chiefs would essentially be losing in draft value from #1 to #4).
    A quality QB is worth a 2nd round pick or trading down 3 slots ALWAYS.

    Since we are thinking this thought, maybe the Chiefs brass is thinking it also.
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