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Thread: Nick Foles/Chip Kelly

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    Default Nick Foles/Chip Kelly

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    With Chip Kelly becoming the new head coach of the Eagles, that could mean the end of Nick Foles' career in Philadelphia. He absolutely does not fit the Chip Kelly offensive system. He does however fit the Andy Reid system and has the tools to become a potential franchise QB. Interesting trade possibility there. Also, Mel Kiper (for what it's worth - don't laugh) projects NO QBs going in the first round in his mock draft. Now that's a little ridiculous, but saying that none would have top 10 pick grades might be a bit more reasonable. I see a trade down or drafting a non QB with the top pick and then taking one in the 2nd round, or a trade up with the 2nd round pick for a QB. Foles or Kolb plus a rookie taken in the latter part of the first round or early 2nd round that Reid identifies as his guy, could be a good combination.

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    Just a quick thought on Asomougha...some think it is that he has lost his skill / ability and some that it is a 'coaching' issue. Well in your guys' case it doesn't matter.

    If it is skill / ability you don't want him.

    If it was coaching, you have the coach he wouldn't play for as your head coach now...therefore you don't want him.

    I personally think he still has the talent to be a top level CB, but showed that he is not a leader, but rather a follower and he collapsed along with the team. Not a guy who deserves his oversized contract either way.
    The 49ers own my heart, but the Chiefs will always hold a better than neutral spot for giving my favorite player a place to leave with grace...

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