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just so i am clear, you want to draft a QB in the 1st round even if he is NOT considered to be a franchise QB and that u believe no QB beyond the 1st round is ever going to be good enuf to be a successful nfl QB and that it would be better to draft a bad QB than a solid player at any other position? it's a shame kaepernick or wilson will never make it in the nfl based on your draft system...we should let the niners and seahawks know they need better QBs.

No need for sarcasm my fellow chiefs fan friend.

I have never ever said or implied, (nor would I) that there can't be a very successful and future HOF qb drafted in the second round or any later rounds.

I think I was the first on this board to consistantly say(for years now) that the qb position was and remains to be our weakest. That means its our biggest need, and one that clearly has to be fixed in order to compete not just in the playoffs but also in our own division, and that we should draft at least two qb's in this years draft. History tells us, that earlier picks have a higher rate of success, therefore I say pick qb in our first pick, weather we trade or not, should be the best available qb. Preferrable 2 qb's out of the first three rounds.

I'm not saying we cant possible pick a qbotf in the 5th round. But history tells us thats not likely. Seems like we've tried that numerous times, and how has that worked for us.

We have other needs as well, but untill "under center" is fixed we are putting new tires on a truck that don't and wont have an engine.