This whole thing makes me sick as i have been a manti supporter. With that said, this comin from the wife, with an Internet relationship he very well was duped. That show catfish exposes people who Internet date for upto 3 years 6 months being the shortest. And the scams people pull on the Internet is amazing.

Example one. Drop dead gorgeous blonde, and boys she was hot, was talking to this "guy" on line for 2 years they never met and when she shows up to this "guys" house she finds out its an 18 yr old high school girl who kinda looks like a dude. So my wife says its entirely possible for them to have not met or have seen each other. But it also says incredibly naive incredibly low self esteem. HE IS NOT THE PERSON I THOUGHT HE WAS! But I think he may not come out of this looking as bad as we think. Someone scammed him.

But still how he hell are you gonna get the front page of sports illustrated and no fact checking be done. The media has to be held accountable here. Otherwise what's the point