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Thread: Dream Trade: Post Yours #1 For What?

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    Lightbulb Dream Trade: Post Yours #1 For What?

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    Hmmm, here's a question. Seeing as how we have the top draft pick just who would we be able to get in trade for the selection who's in the league now that would interest you?

    I believe many of you have a rough calculation of in comparison with player value. I don't have any of this offhand but who would you consider trying to land for the #1 pick or a draft and trade or some other scenario.

    Just curious. This could be an interesting thread.
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    I honestly can't see 4 QBs taken in the top 17 out of this class. If there are, it's going to be because of a sudden mass panic on the part of the GMs. I can see 3 going, but I couldn't even tell you who the 4th best QB in this draft is anymore. I wrote that comment back when I thought Aaron Murray was still coming out early.

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