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Thread: Manti teo stock falling fast

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    Default Manti teo stock falling fast

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    Ok i was against teo before... Now for you all screaming teo froom the roof top...sorry. But with the floor disapearing below him he will be a 3rd round pick id say just a guessestament. At that point i feel kc could have filled there qb spot, lt should be solved, wr i feel theyll fix in free agency, taking teos talent with this new found red tape in the 3rd would be another 1st rd talen we took in there third alot like justin houston. All beit different red tape

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCCF View Post
    Wow, racist?
    Not seeing any racism in his comment. His point of view maybe one born out of "ignorance" that is to say: an unlearned perspective based on actions caught on camera from interactions between Smith and apposing fans, but "racist" is a bit of a stretch.

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    I'm neither.. I'm a realist!!!! We don't need or want a pos Michael Vick or wanna be Vick.

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