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What happens if they hit on one?
... if/when they finally hit on one, they'll have wasted so many resources on all the missed QBs that it won't matter because they'll have exactly s#!t at every other position on the field. The Raiders have had 11 starting QBs since 2006. 3 of those came in the form of Kerry Collins, Andrew Walter, and Aaron Brooks in 2006.

Since 2007, the Raiders have spent:

2007 first round pick on Russell (#1 overall)
2012 first round pick on Carson Palmer
2013 second round pick on Carson Palmer
2012 third round pick on Terrel Pryor

The Raiders still had to rely on Dante Culpepper and Josh McCown until Russell was ready to play. Let's not forget Bruce Bradkowski and Charlie Frye as fall back when Russell became the biggest bust in NFL history. Jason Campbell helped out somewhere in there as well.

11 QBs in 6 seasons are they're STILL in the market for ANOTHER QB heading into 2013... yeah, let's follow THAT model.