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That's what's going to happen Not only has he been very open about that fact he has a history of doing so. I really don't think Geno's going to be the pick. I just don't think he's worth number 1. At all

here is my thought on that. lets compare the raiders bust pick jamarcus russell. and the cleveland browns all star pick joe thomas. one is a complete bust and one an o-lineman who is a constant pro bowler and considerd the best young o-lineman in the league he was a great pick. now look at it as how much better off are the browns than the raiders. they are not the browns have done just as bad as the raiders since the picks. my point THIS IS a qb driven league. if you dont have one you you are going to suck. all the experts say geno has the most talent and the most promise to become a nfl qb. take there experties for what it's worth