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Here's my thoughts I think that Smith isn't going to have a big group of teams trying to get him. He won't have much of a choice if the choice is even left to him and the niners don't just trade him. I will state again while there numbers might be comparable Smith was hurt by a VERY poor head coach for a good part of his time with the niners. Once they got a good head coach Smith went to the playoffs and WON in the playoffs. If it hadn't been for a muffed punt they would have been in the super bowl a year ago. Then this year Smith was amoung the top of the NFL in Rating and completion % Cassel has NEVER done either. I think Smith would be a good idea to come fight for the job. But we would need to get someone else to compete with him. At worst he would be an upgrade at backup QB.
So Smith gets a pass because he has had terrible coaching but cassel doesn't get the same pass? Cassel in NE with Bellichick and McDaniels went 11-5 and passed for over 4000 yards and just out of a fluke he didn't make the playoffs. With a so-so coach but weiss and a staff put togeather of quality coaches he took us to the playoffs and had a probowl season. Do people not remember the weiss and haley fued a week before the playoffs? does nobody remember that weiss was pretty much out as OC at that point and even rumored that he was stripped of all duties and haley was calling the plays or atleast known that he was overriding plays????

Matt you like to say that you can't just put the blame on 1 person, just like you like to say there are more to blame on this team than cassel, like the WR's need to take some heat to. You got to have the same attitude in this situation. If you give alex a pass then you give cassel a pass.

The other thing that you guys have got to remember is alex smith is NOT going to come here to compete. He's going somewhere to start, he's going to want atleast a 5 year deal. Niners have already said they will try to trade him to a team of his choosing, if they release him it's alex's choice, and with teams like arizona, buffalo, possible philly he's not going to come to KC to compete for a spot or upgrade our backup situation.

Cassel on the other hand is nearing the end of his deal, he knows his road is coming to an end in KC and there probably won't be to many suitors for him. I'm sure he'll restructure his contract to compete with whoever else we bring in.

Again, Cassel is a better option for this team by far. And my honest opinion is he's also the better QB