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Thread: CHIEFS QB History..Retreads vs Draftees

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    Default CHIEFS QB History..Retreads vs Draftees

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    here is a list of all of our QBs drafted, high draft pick noted

    Stanzi, Croyle, Kilian Stenstrom, Mathews, #40 Blundin, #32 Elkins, Mcmanus, Hudson, #7 Blackledge, Gagliano, #23 Fuller, Woods, Vitali, Bruner, Carlson, Livingston, Thomas,

    #2 Bethard, #122 Roger Staubach [we did not sign him], Moore, Tramal, Rappold, Thornton, Schloredt

    here is a list of QBs signed as free agents

    Cassel, Orton, Thigpen, Huard, Green, Grbac, Moon, Gannon, Bono, Montana, Krieg, Deberg, Kenney, Seuer, Stevens, Adams, LENNY DAWSON, Cotton Davidson, Duncan, Enis

    although some will still debate it, it seems fairly obvious that past mgmt was more successful bringing in "retreads" than drafting. hopefully the new regime will be better at both! and yes we did pick Pete Bethard with the #2 overall pick and we did compete with the cowboys for staubach and we all know how that turned out
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    Precisely why I wouldn't mind seeing the Chiefs acquire Nick Foles for a reasonable cost.

    I know many Chiefs fans have stated that they don't want a retread, but one can't correctly classify Foles as a retread as he's only going into his 2nd NFL season & to be honest, I believe he's a better fit for the Chiefs than anybody they can draft.

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