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Thread: Chiefs news from the Radio this week

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    Default Chiefs news from the Radio this week

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    On the radio yesterday they confirmed that Albert has passed his physical and they stated the Reid likes what he has in Albert and is looking to resign him. Albert apparently posted on Twitter that the Truth is finally recongnized.

    Which left them believing that the Chiefs were working on a deal to resign Albert.

    Mitch Holthus was also on, stating that the National perception is that the Chiefs are in the front running for Alex Smith, and that news from Alex Smith's agent is that the Chiefs are top on his list.

    Don't know if any of it is true, but it has me believing that our 1st round draft pick will not be LT or QB, unless that become a plan B. Given the draft history of Reid, I am speculating that our first pick will be a DT.

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    Maybe OL with the first but I am ok with AS coming in as our Qb.

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    Why draft a DT when we could just keep Dorsey or sign a cheap FA option like Canty? I think the #1 overall pick will be one of the pass rushers. I don't think it'll necessarily be the Chiefs taking him, but ultimately, I think this draft will mirror the Mario Williams, Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Matt Leinart draft. Being that the Chiefs are going to try and implement the Jets' style 3-4, they're going to need pass rushing DE's. If the Chiefs stand pat, I think OLB/DE could be the pick. If they are able to trade down, it's because someone will want to take that pass rusher and not risk him going to another team before their pick. If that happens, I could see the Chiefs taking a CB with Reid's history at that position.

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    i think this tells us reid is not interested in the joeckel pick

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