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I wouldnt mind getting Alex Smith. I just think back to when we had our amazing line and ran the ball with Priest and Trent Green managed the game. With a great o-line and running game, the QB doesnt have to win you the game, he just has to not lose it. I think that is something Alex would bring to the Chiefs. Even though we dont know much about how he will play in the NFL, we know more about how he handles it than we do with anyone we might possibly draft. If we get Alex Smith and pick up a developmental kid in the 3/4 round I have to look at that as a success with the mediocrity of this years QB class both free agents and draft.
I heard Alex Smith was Kaepernick's primary QB coach. I think he'd be a great influence on a guy like Bray if the Chiefs decided they wanted to bring in a QB project. If Bray's maturity is the issue, wouldn't this seem like the perfect situation to bring him into? He gets to learn how to be a pro and maximize all the tools that make him one of, if not THE most talented QB in this draft.