This deals a serious blow to the Chiefs chances of dealing the #1 overall pick if they were looking to trade down. On the flip side, could Lotulelei be a possible 5th or 6th round pick for the Chiefs if he decides to continue playing? hmm

Add this guy to the name of potential top 5 or 10 overall talents that could be available in the later rounds. How would you like to see a 3rd-6th round produce names like Ogletree (failed drug test), Lattimore (2 knee surgeries/fast healer), Lotulelei (heart condition), and Matheiu (failed drug test) to go along with the 1st and 2nd round picks? Geez. Each of those guys present EXTREMELY low risk and EXTREMELY high upside if they were to be taken after the 2nd round. If things had gone right, each of those names COULD have been top 10 overall picks. IMO, they'd be no-brainer selections after the 2nd round was over and I'd take them in that order. Put Joekel at #1 and a QB in the 2nd and the Chiefs would be the walk-away winners of the draft, hands down.