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Thread: more alex smith to chiefs news

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    Quote Originally Posted by 70 chiefsfan70 View Post
    Its an improvement, but I'm not impressed! I just dont see this being the best qb available. He is not likely to be the qb of the future. I still hope to see us pick up one of the top five qb's in the draft.

    I'm not 100 percent convinced that Alex Smith would beat out Cassel on a true competition for the starting role.
    I know and I think most of us think that Smith is not the future. But it's been my belief all along that we need to get a veteran QB this off season, because there's not a sure-fire QB in the draft this year. I'm not sure if Smith is better than Flynn, but the Chiefs need a vet. QB, trade out of the #1 pick and get a QB later in the draft. Then let Andy coach him up.
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