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Thread: ALEX SMITH = Done deal!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by texaschief View Post
    So, you believe that a guy who's known for his QB development and pass-happy offense decided to bring in a QB that won't succeed in his system?


    Do you just believe that you know more about Alex Smith based on casual fan exposure than Andy Reid, John Dorsey, and the entire PROFESSIONAL, NFL experienced staff of the Kansas City Chiefs and all the resources available to the franchise to best evaluate these players?

    Now, I know you're not so arrogant that you think your evaluations of Alex Smith are better than the front office of the Chiefs, so my question is why do you think Andy Reid brought a QB into KC knowing full-well that he can't succeed in this style of offense? ESPECIALLY when the obvious and easy answer to this whole situation would've been to draft and develop Geno Smith to start instead? What exactly are you trying to say? Is the new administration intentionally trying to sabotage this team or are they just incompetent?

    I would think that after 15 years of being the director of college scouting for one of the best drafting franchises in the league, it would afford Dorsey a little more credit. Combine that with Reid's experience and I just have a hard time dismissing this group as incompetent. However, if they came out and said Geno Smith was going to be the next great QB in the NFL, I'd definitely have my doubts.
    What FA qbs has he developed?

    The last regime was just incompetent, we have no idea what this regime will do. Initially I was very excited but this Alex Smith trade worries me.

    Last night I read that Alex Smith's contract is only 2 years, so this means he is basically filling the gap as far as the quarterback position goes (Mother of god atleast I hope so). I am still upset we traded that much to get him. Now, if we sign him to a multi year deal then we have a serious problem.
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