As a new Crowd member. I know you have ton of OG's in here, that probably wrote some of the software for this fan forum. LOL.

But on a serious note. What is the strength of the Chiefs. Wifey wont tell me her opinion, but she said she's interested on the answers as well.

I keep hearing we sent 6 players to the PRo-Bowl, so cant be too bad right. She said that now with Smith. That the offense should make tons of noise. He and Bowe, and then Charles in the backfield. That with a great TE, the O can really do some damage.

She said the Defense and special teams is the cornerstone of the Chiefs.

So I guess overall I'm asking. Just like with other teams. What's our sure fire strength, defense, offense, or special teams. Meaning the side of the ball, that we know we can ALWAYS count on?