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Thread: Whats Really Our Team Strength?-Offense, Defense, Special Teams

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    Default Whats Really Our Team Strength?-Offense, Defense, Special Teams

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    As a new Crowd member. I know you have ton of OG's in here, that probably wrote some of the software for this fan forum. LOL.

    But on a serious note. What is the strength of the Chiefs. Wifey wont tell me her opinion, but she said she's interested on the answers as well.

    I keep hearing we sent 6 players to the PRo-Bowl, so cant be too bad right. She said that now with Smith. That the offense should make tons of noise. He and Bowe, and then Charles in the backfield. That with a great TE, the O can really do some damage.

    She said the Defense and special teams is the cornerstone of the Chiefs.

    So I guess overall I'm asking. Just like with other teams. What's our sure fire strength, defense, offense, or special teams. Meaning the side of the ball, that we know we can ALWAYS count on?

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    I Think for the first time since Dick Vermiel our team strength's now is coaching.
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    Punting seems to be a lock lately...

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    I'd say the group of starting linebackers DJ, Tamba and Houston are probably our best area at the moment although a solid MLB is needed next to DJ.

    obviousley the running game with Charles is also a strength and the offensive line is good and potentially top 5-7 depending what happens with the draft.

    this might be an unpopular opinion but even coming off a serious injury I think Berry is one of the most overrated players in the league, the idiotic coaching/ play calling last year harmed him (putting him 1 on 1 with Gates etc) but I don't think he is nearly as good as some people think. Lewis is ok but hurt often. I'd class safety as a position of need.

    the cornerback situation is ok in my opinion, I'm higher on Dunta Robinson than a lot of people and I think he can be a good #2 corner next to Flowers. Arenas is a good slot corner but nothing more. I personally think there are other areas to strengthen before corner.

    the defensive line didnt perform we'll enough last year although Poe did show promise towards the end. I'm uneasy with the defensive line potentially looking the same next year as it did last.

    we have a decent QB now but he needs receivers. Outside of Bowe nobody is a legitimate #2 receiver, I've lost hope in Baldwin, he has far too many anonymous games, Ryan Swope in the 3 rd round hopefully.

    special teams were ok, Colquitt was superb and fully deserving of a pro bowl selection.

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    We have a really good running back in Jamal Charles, a really good group of linebackers, and a great punter. If I was an opponent, that's what I'd be concerned with the most. Hopefully Reid can improve on some things but don't think it'll happen overnight.

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    Derrick Johnson-1st round pick
    Tamba Hali-1st round pick
    Dunta Robinson-1st round pick
    Glenn Dorsey-1st round pick
    Tyson Jackson-1st round pick
    Eric Berry-1st round pick
    Dontari Poe-1st round pick
    Brandon Flowers-2nd round pick
    Javier Arena-2nd round pick
    Justin Houston-3rd round pick
    Allen Bailey-3rd round pick

    Our strength is DEFINITELY on the defensive side of the ball. Not all of these players are fully developed, but the investment, talent, and youth are all there. The new regime sees what kind of talent this team has and has done everything they can to bring these players back long-term. Now, they're in free agency looking to add another CB, S, and ILB. If they find upgrades at each of these positions, look for this defense to be a top 10 or perhaps even a top 5 unit.

    On the other side of the ball, there are top picks as well, but they don't match what's lining up on the defensive side:

    Alex Smith 1st round pick
    Dwayne Bowe 1st round pick
    Branden Albert 1st round pick
    Jonathan Baldwin 1st round pick
    Jeff Allen 2nd round pick
    Rodney Hudson 2nd round pick
    Dexter McCluster 2nd round pick
    Jamaal Charles 3rd round pick
    Donald Stephenson 3rd round pick
    Jon Asamoah 3rd round pick
    Tony Moeaki 3rd round pick

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