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Thread: Crazy Trade Idea

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    Default Crazy Trade Idea

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    So, with the first wave of free agency almost over, I had an idea for a trade that may help us a lot in the long term, and be relatively reasonable for the trade partner. Hear me out and let me know what you think.

    So, reports are that we are trying to trade Cassel instead of cutting him. If I recall correctly, trading him transfers all of his salary (even the dead space) to the trade partner, instead of leaving us with the deadspace. I believe this is a difference of 4 million. This is probably what the Chiefs are hoping for. If I am wrong, please let me know.

    So here is my trade idea:

    We trade Cassel and B. Albert to the Arizona Cardinals for their 2nd round pick in this years draft (and maybe a conditional late round pick).

    Arizona has big holes at QB and OT, and is one of the teams supposedly interested in Cassel.

    We dump about 17+mil in cap space, which frees us up to sign a big name CB, an ILB and some depth for the OL.

    Our 1st round pick we get Luke Joeckel, and he starts at LT. Our 2nd round pick (from Az) we get Barrett Jones (C/G/T out of the semi-pro team Alabama) and have him compete for RT with Stephenson or LG with Allen. He can also be our backup for every position on the OL. Im not sure of whether he is more likely to go in the 2nd or 3rd round, but he has great value because he has played every position (and has done well at every position) on the OL. From what I saw of Stephenson, I think he can hold down the RT spot quite well for us.

    Our OL would look like:

    Joeckel, Allen, Hudson, Asamoah, Stephenson with Jones as a backup QB. That seems to be an OL that could dominate for a long period of time.

    We would also have the money to sign a couple more big name FAs AND to possibly extend some of our guys whose contracts are set to expire next offseason (McCluster, Arenas, Moeaki, Asamoah and more Im sure). Right now, with all the signings that are official, I believe we are close to hitting the salary cap.

    I know Az signed Drew Stanton, but they may still be looking for more QBs to have a legit competition at the position. I think Albert is a good deal for an early 2nd rounder, and could probably even go for a late 1st if it wasnt for how much $$ he supposedly wants. Throw in Cassel, and value-wise this trade makes a lot of sense. Az could re-work Cassel's contract and make it more reasonable.

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    Well, we can put this idea to bed. #cassel-traded

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdempsey69 View Post
    I like the the idea, if it could be done. Who knows?

    Actually, if they'd kept Allen ( the Chiefs got #17 and a pair of 3rd rounders for Allen ), they would not have drafted Albert at #5. The more likely O-Line candidate at #5 would have been Ryan Clady.
    actually Albert was #15. We did J.C. out of the deal too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkChief49 View Post
    actually Albert was #15. We did J.C. out of the deal too.
    They traded up 2 slots with Detroit to take Albert at #15.

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