I know most of you are thinking that the Chiefs are done in free agency. They're not. They're sitting there with about $6million in cap room remaining WITH Albert on the books. However, if the Chiefs pull off a trade of Albert, not only do they recoup the picks they spent on Alex Smith, but also dump the $9million or so they owe Albert. That leaves them $12m or so after rookies are signed. That's a pretty big number if you're looking for a couple impact players in free agency to fill in at FS, ILB, or provide depth across the board.

So, here's my mock after the first part of free agency. (Note that this mock is what I would do if I'm making the calls and not necessarily what I think Dorsey/Reid will do)

Chiefs trade Albert to Miami for #42 and a conditional pick in 2014

Chiefs trade #1 to NYJ for #9, #13 (via TB for Revis), and #39 (1650 pt difference) The Bucs are desperate for CB help. Don't be shocked if that trade happens. The Jets are desperate for QB help. Don't be shocked if they make a move up the board. Perhaps not all the way up to #1, but they're not going to be content with Mark Sanchez heading into 2013 and the next best option will be a top 5 pick.

1. Jets- Geno Smith --- NYJ is going to do something dramatic to fix their QB position. They'll trade Revis to Tampa for their first round pick and they'll package those picks to KC to trade up for the next best QB option on this year's market. Smith is the largest remaining splash and I don't think this scenario is too far fetched. Sitting at #9, there's no way they can upgrade their QB position by standing still. So, instead of paying the best CB in the league, they'll trade him for an asset that will allow them to address the most important position on the field.

2. Jags- Dion Jordan --- Jags are set at LT with Monroe. They haven't been linked to any of the QB's, so the most versatile defender in this draft makes sense here.

3. Raiders- Dee Millner--- The arrival of Wes Welker and Alex Smith in the division along with departures like Huff from their secondary make this pick a necessity.

4. Eagles- Sharrif Floyd When was the last time you heard of a great LT contributing in a Chip Kelly offense? Philly needs help on the O-line, but I don't think it comes here. Getting the best 4-3 player in the draft helps a ton.

5. Lions- Ezekiel Anzah--- Lost Avril. But they've got Suh, Fairley, and Vanden Bosch on that line and the Lions have been investing heavily on their D-line.

6. Browns- Cordarrelle Patterson--- QUICK! Who were the starting WR's for CLE last season (hint: it wasn't the recently departed Josh Cribbs)

7. Cardinals- Matt Barkley--- He's either 1 or 1a in this QB draft class and the Cardinals have nobody currently in-house to compete at that position of any upgrade over last season.

8. Bills-Ryan Nassib--- Bills want this guy in the worst way. Some mocks have him going #1 overall to the Bills who trade up to get him. I can't imagine a scenario where Nassib isn't wearing a Buffalo on his head next season.

9. CHIEFS- BOTH elite LT's are still on the board here. Chiefs take Joekel. Eagles could take a LT and if that's the case, the Chiefs end up with Fischer instead.

10. Titans-Chance Warmack--- Roos at LT, Levitre as a free agent and now Warmack at the other OG spot and suddenly, the Titans have a very potent OL.

11. Chargers- Eric Fischer--- Sure hit the jackpot with this one, didn't they? Could end up with Lane Johnson instead if Fischer isn't there anymore.

12. Dolphins-Tavon Austin--- opposite Mike Williams will be a nice duo for Tannehill

13. CHIEFS- BPA... is that Lane Johnson for RT, Vacarro for FS, or Lotulelei at DL? BPA in my mind is still Lotulelei. Things went well at his pro day and the heart thing seems to be a minor issue. I know we've got DeVito, but he's not Lotulelei.

39. Matt Elam-S Florida
42. Justin Pugh-OL Syracuse (Right Tackle)
63. Khaseem Greene-LB Rutgers
3b. Tyler Bray-QB-Tennessee
4th-Marcus Lattimore-RB South Carolina
5th-Tyrann Mathieu-DB LSU
6th-Marquise Goodwin- WR Texas
7th-Uzoma Nwachukwu- WR TX A&M

The Chiefs are set on the O-line with Joekel and Pugh on the ends with Stephenson at the swing spot. Solid up the middle with Allen, Hudson, and Asamoah as well.

Chiefs bring in competition at the WR spot with Avery, Goodwin, and Nwachukwu. They also bring in Lattimore who was a projected 1st round pick before his knee injury. The Chiefs have Charles as their featured back and can afford to bring Lattimore back at a slower pace than some other teams could. If he comes back completely right, the Chiefs would essentially have an Adrian Peterson/Jamaal Charles backfield.

Flip over to defense and it's REALLY difficult to find a hole. The D-line boasts 3 top 15 picks. The linebackers have 2 1st round picks and 2 3rd round picks. The defensive backs include 2 1st round picks and 4 2nd round picks. That's not including Tyrann Mathieu who could've been a top 10 pick overall if he played last season. Matt Elam next to Eric Berry is stupid good. There's depth all over that secondary with this personnel.

The Jets are hell-bent on trading Revis. #13 overall seems like fair value for the best CB in the league if the Buccs are prepared to pay him long-term. The Jets don't need two picks behind all those QB hungry teams ahead of them... they need a QB. While this may seem like a "dream scenario," it's definitely one that doesn't take too much stretching to see it come to fruition. I think it's a trade both teams would happily do.

Oh yeah, and the Chiefs still have another $12m in cap space to address further depth issues on the O-line, D-line, and at LB. Sure hope the Jets fall in love with a QB.