So with the addition of S. Smith and Robinson, it would seem like there isnt going to be as much playing time for Javier Arenas. I was thinking about this and had always felt he was a pretty good nickel CB, so now I am wondering if he is expendable to this front office.

Then I remembered that he is a pretty decent return man. We picked up Toub, who is considered the best ST coach in the league, good enough that he was considered for head coaching gigs. He has experience with one of the best return men in our time, Devin Hester. He saw first hand the special teams drop off that occurred when Hester started playing a lot of offense.

If you are going to buy the best special teams coach, might as well give him his pick of the litter for players. Maybe Toub said I want Arenas as my return man. No defense, just purely a return man. If he said that, and you are Reid, you have to listen. Not giving Toub a top return man is like taking the tires off of your Honda Civic and putting them on your new Ferrari. Toub needs racing tires, and maybe he found a set he likes in Arenas.