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OK, I stand corrected about the contract being in effect if he's cut. In reality, they never should have given him the franchise tag, except outside of the possibility of trading him for picks, BECAUSE......

First off, it wasn't 1 sack, it was TWO. One against John Abraham in the Atlanta game, and one against Will Smith in the NO game. And let's not forget the hits on the QB. BTW, since you like to reference PFF so much, please do tell us why PFF ran an article just about why he should be moved to Guard. I haven't seen the article, but I've recently seen reference being made to it.

Secondly, he hasn't gone against a steady dose of top-tier pass-rushers over past 2 seasons & his run-blocking sucked last year. He couldn't even roadgrade a Steeler's DB that he out-weighed by 100 lbs & instead grabbed the DB & twisted him around like he was trying to do the 2-step waltz with him and rightfully got flagged for it, negating a TD and costing them the game. I watched him get overpowered repeatedly by bigger DE's and I saw that, up close and personal, against SD, when Corey Liuget went right through him and knocked the ball out of Charles hand & recovered it -- they score a TD afterwards, go up 17-0 and seize total control of the game. Stephenson played against the better opponents in his starts.

He's not a clutch performer, nor an anchor, nor a road-grader, was a Guard in college & high school, and PROJECT at LT in the NFL with the Chiefs and the project hasn't worked. The failure is on your side because you keep propping him up to be the equivalent of Willie Roaf or John Tait when he's not, and he's not a top-10 LT in this league.

Who was it that said that drafting Joeckel or Fisher was a lateral move and keeps crybabying about wanting Geno Smith taken at #1? And has started the "love for Branden Albert" threads? It was you.

The Bears overpaid Bushrod. He's not worth that & neither is Albert. Albert want's top 5 LT money and he's not a top 10 LT. And now he's bellyaching about a possible position change. He could learn something from John Tait, whom nobody heard any complaints from when he was moved to RT when Willie Roaf was brought in 2002. Tait was a far better LT than Albert.

And Albert could have at least showed up on the 1st day to get his playbook & voluntary workouts DON'T consist of heavy contact. Just basic exercise and walkthroughs. If he's worried about getting hurt in those, maybe the reports about his back being OK aren't correct.

HA HA !! Who's really on the soapbox & wearing the cheerleader skirt and carrying the pom-poms to boot, as evidenced by the PM that you sent me once about liking Albert at LT? And now wants to use Albert as a crutch to not take either Joeckel or Fisher because they want Geno Smith ( same crutch as in 2010 regarding drafting Berry over Okung )?

And Bowe was trying to get a long-term deal done was why he showed up late. BTW, did you notice that Dorsey gave Bowe the long-term deal and DIDN'T give Albert one, even though they had the cap space before they started signing FA's

Kudos to Dorsey for not giving Albert what he wants because he knows Albert isn't a top 10 LT and that he's easily replaceable & certainly can be upgraded at the LT position. I hope Dorsey does trade him.

It's called PROFESSIONALISM. As a GM, would you be willing to give any clarity to a guy that's wanting to be overpaid & has stated that he won't make a position switch to help out the team, if needed? Like I said Albert could learn something from John Tait. Tait still managed to get a lucrative contract.
First let me say I am not a fan of Albert. You can probably go back and check but I was much more in favor of Drafting Russel Okung instead of Berry in hopes of replacing Albert or moving him to RT.

Fact of the matter, he is the best lineman we have on this team. D. Stephenson showed a lot of promise and could very well be a very solid RT for us but after that. The line is not consistent at all. Giving Albert the TAG was a must just for safety reasons. What if after the Chiefs start looking at the top tackles in the draft they find something wrong with them bouncing them out of consideration. What if those guys need a year to develop. Why not tag him? Who else did the Chiefs lose that you would have wanted to TAG. Okay the Chiefs have to spend 9 million dollars on possibly the second most important position on the team to protect you most important player on the team who did have a concussion last year.

Now I will argue that every person saying look at the Sacks he didn't give up. I say look at the holding penalties he got instead. The only real issue with Albert is what he values himself as. He has been very upset that he was passed on for pro-bowl selections.

Now as far as this week. I may be wrong but almost every player gets a bonus if they show up to thes work outs as an incentive in their contracts. The Franchise tag does not have this. Also, there is assumptions the Chiefs told him to not come. Speculation is that they don't want him getting hurt while he is on the trading block. They may also have no intentions of him being here and just told him to stay away so that he can use what they are working on as a competitive advantage against he Chiefs should they trading team be on their schedule.

So before people blast into him for not showing up, it may not be his call. It may be his call. Just don't jump to conclussions without any fact to it.