This is an extension from another thread. I just have to get the thoughts of everyone else on this.

Player A: 60.5 comp %, 7.1 yards/attempt, 102/56 TD:INT (1.81 TDs for every INT), 86.3 career QB rating, has never thrown for over 3900 yards in a season (averages 220.4 yards/gm), sacked on 6.5% of his dropbacks, averages 1.28 TD passes/game started.

Player B: 64.7 comp%, 7.9 yards/attempt, 177/91 TD:INT (1.94 TDs for every INT), 95.6 career QB rating (one of only 5 QBs all time w/ > 95 career QB rating), has thrown for over 4100 yards 4 times in 7 years (other 3 years had less than 14 games started, averages 276 yards/start), sacked on 5.2% of his dropbacks, averages 1.90 TD passes/game started.

All things being equal as far as the other 52 players, who do you want quarterbacking your team?