So, it is not a secret that the Chiefs are strongly considering moving down in the draft and that we are interested in Joeckel and Fisher.

In the top 4 only us and Philly need an OT, which means we could drop as low as 4 and still get either Joeckel or Fisher.

Would you be willing to only swap 1sts and get someone's 2nd round pick to move down a couple spots? Or would you want something that would match up the point values.

I would tak the 2nd if that's all I could get. My logic is if you can move down and still get your man, why not get something out of it. Say Jax wants Geno, and wants to keep us from trading with others. We move down one spot (with everyone still on the board), and get the top pick in the 2nd round. Why NOT make that move (especially if its the only offer)? Am I crazy to think this way?