the time has come for us to say goodbye
the me first attitude has'nt sat well with me and more importantly has'nt sat well with the head coach or gm
i dont want franchised, i wont play any other position but left tackle, etc etc etc
thanks big guy but its time to move on
with that said i must say it would open wide a door of endless opportunity
where to start
first off we would acquire pick #42 from miami
i must say i would hope we acquire an additional pick....thats another ball of wax
lets say we are on the clock at #42
the chiefs select lber alec ogletree
before anyone says anything about his off field problems lets remember that justin houson fell to us in the third round for the same reasons...he is now a probowler
ogletree is possibly the best cover lber i have ever seen...he covers guys 30 yards downfield with the greatest of ease...he goes sideline to sideline with the best of them
weakness is dealing with blockers coming straight at him(enter dontario poe and eric berry)(he shouldnt have to deal with blockers coming straight at him all the time)
then, with some of the 9 million in cap space we gain by trading albert
we go after two of these veterans who would put us over the top
the list of veterans to consider are as follows
4)casey hampton 3)richard seymour 2)brian urlacher 1)charles woodson
urlacher to groom ogletree how sweet would that be?
woodson one year deal to play free safety
it could happen and should....if i only had an hour to talk to mister urlacher and woodson i could convince both to end their respective hall of fame careers in kc winning a superbowl!!!
(sidenote...urlacher as is ogletree a converted safety)