Sorry to make a new thread, but I feel like my other post would have been buried by some of the bickering in the other Albert threads.

Apparently Albert is demanding more money than the Dolphins are willing to pay (8-9 million, which is what Miami DIDN'T pay Jake Long). This is the scenario that I thought would happen. Unfortunately, we will probably keep Albert for another year.

So, what are our options?

The ideal would be to trade out of the #1 pick. Ideally, the Jets really want G. smith and would give us their 2 #1s to get him. Not really likely, but it would be ideal. If that happened, I would take Star and either Fluker (to play RT), Eifert, Vaccaro, ogletree or one of the WRs. Any of those I would be fine with, or even trading down further with one of the picks to get a couple seconds this year and next.

Thats not really likely, so hopefully maybe someoneelse in the top 10 really likes Joeckel, Smith or Jordan and wants to trade with us. Then we take the BPA. Hopefully one of the tackles is still there, if not, maybe trade down further and stock up on mid round picks and picks next year.

If that doesn't work out, my last option would be to pick up one of the tackles and put him on the R side for a year. I dont see anyone worth the number one pick at a position of need for us. I don't think G. smith is going to be good in this league. We don't need an OLB like Dion Jordan, and I think DT is a need, but more for depth need than starters.

I kinda hope if we draft Joeckel and keep Albert, we tell him he is going to play RT. If he is serious about sitting out, prove it. If he does, we don't have to pay him and we have more cap space next year.

At least we will probably get a 4th round compensatory pick if he walks in free agency.