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Thread: 3rd Rd Pick Arkansas RB Knile Davis

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    Default 3rd Rd Pick Arkansas RB Knile Davis

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    I don't follow college football very closely so I don't much about Knile Davis other the injury and fumble concerns I've read about since drafting him. As I read somewhere else, you can teach a guy how protect the ball, but you can't teach a guy how to be fast. As I watch his tape what I am most impressed with is his acceleration/burst. He is typically at full speed bu his 3rd step. He could be a great 3rd and short back if he can pass block. Check out his video and let me know what you guys think.

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    I think he'll look good in Red and White! Splash of Gold is all he needs. He'll be a good pick.

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    In the 6 games he had > 10 carries last year, he had 8 fumbles. This needs to be fixed before he ever sees the field.

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