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Thread: it's official we have the best bookends in the league

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    Default it's official we have the best bookends in the league

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    well no albert did not sign a long term contract. but as is right now the chiefs have the best rt/lt combo in the league in fisher and albert. anybody who says the rt position is not a very important position on the o-line needs to get out of the 1980's. most defenses including the brokeback broncos try to have 2 elite edge rushers that will not happen with this BEEFY o-line. the days of a rt being a roadgrader for the run game but week in the pass blocking scheme are over. GO CHIEFS

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    With all due respect to Seek (and I do appreciate the dose of reality), I think R&D have done amazing things!

    Fisher should be a big improvement to the O-line....something we have been needing.

    JC balances our offense nicely. With JC behind this O-line, the play action pass should become a huge weapon as will his amazing running talent when he is not our only weapon like he was last year. With those weapons, if DB will live up anywhere near to his potential and we get some decent production out of our other weapons, Alex Smith or almost anyone else should be able to put some serious points on the board.

    And on defense I think we are in pretty good shape. While they had some terrible games last year, I think they just got ground down by our inept offense and all the turnovers. Give them an offense that can hold onto the ball and score some points and I think our defense will prove pretty damned stout.

    While it remains to be proved, I think R&D have made a much bigger improvement in this team than I really expected to see in 1 year.

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