everyone has been comparing alex smith to matt cassel as "good vs bad" or "bad vs ugly" depending on your point of view [and rooting preference] so i just thought how does alex stack up against Trent Green whom most KC fans would agree did a pretty good job. so i compared alex' last 4 years w/sf and trents 5 years w/KC not including the last injury year. found some intersting stuff

alex 62% compl
trent 62% compl

alex 12yds/compl
trent 13yds/compl

alex 62 tds 5% of pass att
trent 111 tds 5% of pass att

alex 32 int 3% of pass att
trent 76 int 3% of pass att

the biggest diff was on # of attempts which then made the yds, tds, ints alot higher for trent and that was a product of the DV system

just thought it was an interesting comparrison